Dedicated R&D centre focused on the varietal improvement of the whole berry range

BerryWorld Strawberries

Spain, Portugal and Morocco have been key soft fruit sourcing areas for BerryWorld and we have traditionally based key personnel in the area to provide tailored agronomic support to our growers there. As our Iberian grower base and production volumes increased, it became critical to deploy a larger team in the region.

Established in 2016, as a bridge between our Iberian grower base and the BerryWorld technical, planning and sales teams, BerryWorld Spain aims to technically support our growers in Spain, Portugal and Morocco while ensuring they are compliant with customer requirements and Group quality standards.

In line with the BerryWorld R&D commitment, BerryWorld Spain has a dedicated R&D centre focused on the varietal improvement of the releases from our proprietary and exclusive breeding programmes. The team also hosts BerryWorld Grower Days to share best practices as well as relevant updates and recommendations with the regional network of growers.

Finally, BerryWorld Spain aspires to develop the potential of the Southern European berry category, by adapting the group’s proven track of a tailored category management approach, while leveraging our 52 week soft fruit supply.

Ivan Leache, Managing Director

Ivan graduated from the University of Navarra School of Law in 1995. After working within logistics and the automotive industry, he joined a leading Spanish berry breeding company in 1998 where he worked for more than 18 years as a Sales & Marketing Manager, leading nursery plant sales as well as varietal development. Ivan also actively implemented the company’s internationalisation plan and established new companies and partnerships around the world. In 2016, Ivan was appointed as General Manager for BerryWorld, Spain.

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