Vacancies available from late April with our UK growers


Money doesn’t grow on trees, but fruit does – and during these challenging times, our growers need additional, dependable workers to help get berries from our plants to your tables. Our growers are hiring pickers to ensure we continue to get our berries from farm to folk at a time when healthy, fresh food is ever more important.

BerryWorld wants to connect you, the Great British workforce, with our great British growers across the UK, to ensure we can continue to bring berries to homes across the nation this summer.

To get our fruit to retailer shelves, many talented individuals are required. Fruit pickers in particular are essential in this, since strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries all need to be handled with care. They can bruise easily and ensuring our fruit reaches our consumers in the best possible condition, whilst minimising waste is of paramount importance to us and our suppliers. Fruit pickers need to therefore be dependable, hard-working and diligent to pick fruit at pace without waste. Most of our fruit is on table top, which means it is waist height, so pickers can enjoy a day working out in the elements without having to consistently bend down.

We hope this opportunity provides individuals around the country a chance to serve the nation at this difficult time.

As COVID-19 continues to cause disruption to our day-to-day lives, we want to reassure any applicants that the health and well-being of all operational employees working across our grower network is of paramount importance. Every measure is being taken to safeguard all employees and further information about individual site measures can be shared on application.

Find a Farm & Apply Now

If you would like to apply for a fruit picking job, please click on the grower to visit their website directly (opportunities are for late April onwards):

Busby Ltd - Derbyshire

Chicory Crops - Herefordshire

Dearnsdale Fruit - Staffordshire

Edward Vinson - Kent

Fife Fruits - Fife

Hall Hunter - Heathlands - Berkshire

Hall Hunter - Tuesley - Surrey

R & J Emery Soft Fruit - Hampshire

Starkeys Fruit - Nottinghamshire

Summer Berry Company - West Sussex

Tasker Partnership - Nottinghamshire

T & C Franke - Buckinghamshire

WinterWood Farms - Kent

Withers Farm - Herefordshire

UK Farm Locations

About the Work

Government has classified workers under ‘food and other necessary goods’ as key workers.

Previous experience is not required and training is given by the farms.

Workers can live on the farm or travel in daily depending on circumstances.

Farms usually pick and pack fruit from first thing in the morning until mid-afternoon.

Picking is now performed standing up so you stand at a trolley and pick the fruit into punnets.

The duration of each job depends on the role and the farm.

Workers usually need to be at least 18 years old to work on farms.

Pay varies depending on the specific job role, but hourly pay is underpinned by the national living wage or minimum wage.

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